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Watch me manifest EVERYTHING I want.

While setting up my OkCupid profile, one of the questions they asked me is whether my life so far had been motivated by Knowledge or Love.

It’s a difficult question to answer.

My first idea would be to say Love, because, of course, but then it got me thinking. Love may make the world go round, but the pursuit and often painful acquisition of knowledge is what pushes us to change, learn and evolve.

So I decided I want both. In fact, I want it all:

Love, knowledge, abundance, unbearable happiness for my sons and my heart and blood families, sustainable World peace, a cure for cancer and unkindness, knee-buckling orgasms, slutty plus size lingerie that doesn’t itch and dig, sweaty 80’s dance parties, a stand-up superpack featuring Amy, Ali, Iliza, Tiffany and Leslie, new music by Prince and Donna Summer, sparkles, sequins, satin, extra-large pasties that cover my whole nipples, Pirate cookies, infinite El Rey Del Taco deliciousness, boozy & carby dinners, all the Tarot decks in the world, scrumptious playlists, luscious yoga, fun time with my coven…

… and anything and everything that makes my heart sing.

This is what Lady Bella Bliss is all about. Being 50 so far has been awesome because I am free and down to experience everything that this wonderful life has in store for me. Join me and my friends as we discover all the wisdom and ridiculousness of navigating this existence as «mature» adults, whatever than means ; )

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