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On hating on Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda

Attention: spoiler alert to the few souls who have not yet watched And Just like that, the Sex and the City sequel

I know it’s been a while my loves. After starting this blog with great gusto in November 2020, I found myself having a hard time finding the right tone to tell my stories. I wanted the posts to be funny, interesting, insightful, but time and time again I felt they sounded wistful and almost sad.

With time and massive amounts of therapy I understood that I was depleted after the great transformation I had experienced, and took time to regroup. Recently I heard the call of the keyboard again, so I am starting more or less from scratch, with a new refreshed lens. Hopefully you will forgive me for this blogus interruptus, and allow me entertain you again.

So, I’ve been mainlining old Sex and the City episodes as a sort of palate cleanser for the hot mess that is the present-day sequel And Just Like That. Much has already been said about AJLT: wanna-be woke, not realistic, just as could be expected, too much Botox, zero Samantha, too much #metoo, too few plus size bodies, zero 911. It seems we all have been bitterly disappointed one way or another. I myself have found it entertaining, perplexing, and freaking infuriating at times for a number of reasons:

1- This show needs Pussy Power, so much. Fuck, why are these smart, attractive and privileged women so damn insecure and dull? Ladies, honestly, I’m embarrassed for you. Pull yourself up by the Manolos and DO BETTER. We want scope and gravitas, not teenage-tampon-terror, rings-in-plumbing and Charlotte-needs-more-black-friends storylines. Jeez, I was cringing so much at times, I had to fast forward ENTIRE scenes.

2- Where the actual fuck is the sex? I know it’s no longer featured in the title of the show, but apart from Miranda getting a kitchen hand job from "them" (quotation marks entirely mine so you can congratulate me on using the right pronouns) Brady getting it on like teenagers do, and Charlotte almost blowing Harry on a weekday morning, there is actually very little action or even talk of action. It’s like the brunching, New York City and many of the familiar faces are still there, but we are watching a sterile version of our favorite show where all the crunchy and relatable bits have been replaced with 2022-friendly cookie cutter plots ("We need a polyamorous-LGBTQ- bodily-diverse-comic who gives good finger! A goofy-hearing-aid-wearing-boring-husband! A black-social-justice-woman-professor struggling with the tyranny of patriarchal expectations towards motherhood!"). It may be that we have become more demanding drama consumers in the Shondaland/Netflix-filled 15 years between SATC and AJLT, but it feels like this reboot was written by 24-year-olds unfamiliar with the original series who don’t like sex nor the characters they write for.

3- And the looks. Do the AJLT stylists know ANY 55-year-olds? I haven’t been to NYC in a while and Westmount is no fashion mecca, but the question that comes to mind over and over is IN WHAT UNIVERSE ARE THESE ATTRACTIVE OUTFITS? Full disclosure, 95% of my wardrobe nowadays consists of indoor (i.e. extra holes and stains)/outdoor (i.e. hidden holes and stains) leggings and some version of a cami/cardigan/ruana/kimono combo, but a quick survey of the perimenopausal tribe reveals that C&C (camouflage & comfort) are key to a lovely time in middle age. I like a quirky getup as much as the next gal (hence the remaining 5% of my wardrobe which includes corsets, fishnets and other assorted burlesque-y accoutrements as impractical as they are improbable to wear in polite society) but as the mature continuation of a show that defined the fashion aesthetic of an entire generation of young women, AJLT constantly disappoints. None of these outfits make me dream of cocktails and sexy hijinks, and that’s after 23 MONTHS OF PANDEMIC. Enough said.

And just like that, I have descended upon you with fresh judgements and opinions. I will still watch the 10th and last episode this week, and the second season they are threatening us with, but my fervent hope is that at least one of us, AJLT or moi, will get to enjoy more pussy power, sex and fabulous fashion soon. ✨

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